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    Job Opportunities

  • Hardware Engineer

  • Teaching Application

  • Software Design

  • Marketing Service

  • Mechanical Design

  • Technical Service

  • Trade Commissioner

  • Reserve Talent

  • Corporate Welfare

    Signing labor contracts, paying five social insurance and one housing fund, supplemental commercial insurance, 5-day work, national holidays, paid annual leave, parental leave, family leave and other basic benefits;

    Multiple forms of wage system, such as project award, performance salary, seniority salary, share dividend and year-end bonus, etc;

    Public expense training, public expense travel, public health examination, party, birthday blessing, holiday allowance, communication subsidy and other supplementary benefits, can often participate in colorful trade union activities;

    The company provides accommodation, fresh graduates can settle in jinan, the company provides a good career development platform, the rise space is huge.


    Contacts: Miss Fei   0531-88565204-800、13698607855


    Corporate Headquarters:13-1,No.2 of Xinsheng Building,1299 Xinluo Street,High-tech Zone Jinan City